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In 1963, a small brokerage firm got its start in Malacca, Malaysia. Six decades later, Malacca Securities, once named Malacca Traders, has grown to be a staple of the Malaysian financial system. The firm now operates 16 branches throughout Malaysia, spanning Klang Valley, Penang, Johor, Pahang, Ipoh and Kedah, serving over 250,000 investors.

Recently, Malacca Securities launched M+Global, a global trading app. M+Global is the only platform in Malaysia to provide its users with access to Nasdaq Basic, a leading exchange-provided alternative for real-time best bid, offer and last sale information for all U.S.-listed stocks. As the first of its kind, Malacca Securities stands out among its competitors for the quality and accuracy of the information it provides. And the company has earned the industry’s recognition, most recently winning four Bursa Excellence Awards:

  • Champion – Best Retail Bursa Malaysia-i Participating Organization
  • Champion – Best Overall Bursa Malaysia-i Participating Organization
  • ​1st Runner Up – Best Retail Equities Participating Organization Non-Investment Bank
  • ​2nd Runner Up – Best Institutional Bursa Malaysia-i Participating Organization

We are committed to bringing our clients in Malaysia transparency into the U.S. markets. With Nasdaq Basic, our investors are able to access proprietary data that provides accuracy, liquidity and coverage. We are here to help our investors win in the global market.

Lim Chia Wei,

Managing Director of Malacca Securities

In addition to its partnership with Nasdaq, Malacca Securities is the preferred choice for investors in Malaysia because it is:

  • Accessible: With a trading platform that is simple, secure and low-cost and a professional team of dealer representatives always available to answer any questions that a client may have, Malacca Securities is a great option for investors of all skill levels. In an effort to even further increase accessibility and improve financial literacy, Malacca Securities publishes resources such as market reports and stocks and warrants commentary. In 2022, the organization held 73 webinars/seminars, educating over 220,000 investors on how to trade responsibly in the challenging post-pandemic market.
  • Tech-forward: Malacca Securities recognizes the important role that technology plays in the financial system. As a leader in the space, Malacca Securities has introduced several advanced technologies, such as algorithmic trading and artificial intelligence. The platform also offers Shariah trading, corporate finance services and discretionary trading services that are based on a profit-sharing model, as opposed to being based on transaction/management fees.
  • Resilient: Malacca Securities has endured several financial crises, most notably the 1997 Asian financial crisis. However, the company continuously demonstrates its resiliency and dedication to serving its customers.

Nasdaq is glad to work with Malacca Securities, the first homegrown securities house in Malaysia, to provide Nasdaq’s real-time market data to the local market. This reinforces their market pioneer position. We look forward to working with Malacca Securities even more closely in their growth journey.

Tomas Franczyk,

Managing Director of Investment Intelligence APAC, Nasdaq

Malacca Securities Tower Shot

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